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Oliver James in new BBC drama.

The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project, a vibrant and original pre-watershed series, follows a group of bright and ambitious law students.

It's about the law – but not about lawyers and the police; it's about failures in the process and cracks in the system. It's about young people with fire in their bellies and a healthy disregard for authority.

Champion of the underdog and a brilliant teacher, Professor Jon Ford (Lloyd Owen, Monarch Of The Glen) sets up The Innocence Project, peopled entirely by a hand-picked group of law students. His passion for his subject ignites something new and exciting in his students. They take on cases pro bono that nobody else wants to know about.

Smart and with an infectious enthusiasm, Ford's team is made up of fresh-faced 19-year-old university students who choose to make a difference while still going through the serious business of growing up.

Their job is part investigator, part lawyer – and all before they’re out of full-time education. The cast of exciting, new young talent includes Christine Bottomley, Ruth Bradley, Stephen Graham, Oliver James and Luke Treadaway.</b>

More detail in another article here, including character descriptions:
Oliver James (What A Girl Wants) as Nick – a charmer who always gets what he wants;

No certainty as yet whether it will get to BBC America - I'd say it depends how popular it is in the UK.
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