with a dreamy far-off look (lalumena) wrote in oliverjamesfans,
with a dreamy far-off look


I have made some OJ icons because there is SUCH a shortage out there, so I hope you enjoy these ones! This are my very first icons, by the way, so I'm still learning.

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oneImage hosted by Photobucket.comtwoImage hosted by Photobucket.comthreeImage hosted by Photobucket.comfourImage hosted by Photobucket.comfiveImage hosted by Photobucket.comsixImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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those are awesome

i was wondering what picture did you use for numbers two, four, and five. i have never seen that pic before.
Some random magazine picture, you'll probably find it if you search for magazine oliver james under Google?
YAY! Those are awesome!
Thanks so much!
Awesome job
Thanks, I wish you could see them all but unfortunately it looks like someone's been hotlinking.
well done! Thank you! :) took 2 and 3.
Great [please credit <*lj user=chanteuserie*>, without the asterisks].